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Gundam Wing 英文版试听

Gundam Wing的日文配音大家已经耳熟能详了,那么英文的效果又会如何呢?这次特地上传北美发行的电视版台词让各位一睹庐山真面目。结果见人见智,听觉受到冲击的人请自行承担下载责任,勿迁怒于斑竹为盼。个人认为卡多奴的演绎还是颇为贴切的,因为毕竟是男性声音的缘故吧?

Heero a. "Now would not be the right time for battle. All negative factors from now on must be eliminated."
b. "I will thank him, but in my own way. I'll kill Zechs. That's how I'll show my gratitude."

Duo a. "Just watch me. I'll become the God of death once again! But right now...I need some sleep."
b. "The God of death is back from hell!"

Trowa a. "The 5 of us have become nothing more than redundant soldiers, Quatre. So now, let's accept it, and turn back into the nice guy I once knew." 
b. "I have no name, but if you must call me something, it's Trowa.  Call me Trowa Barton."

Quatre a. "I can hear you Trowa...Don't come any closer Trowa!!!  WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!  DON'T GET ANY CLOSER TO ME!!!"
b. "Well hurry up and kill me, then you can go and rescue Trowa!"

Wufei a. "Why are you guys bringing this meaningless battle over here to outer space?!"
b. "I'll keep on fighting alone until the day I die!!!"

Zechs a. "Earth and space...The 2 exist together and form a pattern of confrontation.  My name is Miliardo Peacecraft, I declare that we will eliminate the Earth, the force that conflicts with space."

Relena a. "In truth I don't even know whether I am being held in the arms of Miliardo, the brother I once knew, or the blood stained hands of Zechs Marquese."